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DUS Audio Launches New PH Series Point Sources Music Empty Cabined Speakers


DUS Audio, a leading professional audio equipment manufacturer, has recently launched a new product, the PH series point sources music empty cabined speakers. Designed for live sound reinforcement systems, the PH series speakers can easily perform a variety of music styles and singing methods, and the voice changes freely.

The design of the PH series speakers is the result of DUS Audio’s excellent design team with years of experience in developing live sound reinforcement systems. During the development of this product, the team conducted long-term experiments and demonstrations on the needs of singing, optimized the characteristics of the speakers and the collocation of the system, and used CAD/CAE module for simulation verification to determine the best solution.

The PH series loudspeakers were independently developed and designed by DUS Audio for this project. The bass part uses ansys finite element analysis software to design the magnetic circuit and suspension system to achieve the best combination of power and suspension system, to achieve excellent compliance and the lowest distortion, increase the dynamics of the low-frequency part of the human voice, and make the performance of the singing more relaxed. The tweeter uses the newly developed diaphragm group, which can meet the larger rigidity and the lightest mass and will get higher sensitivity in output and ensure the sound permeability. The optimized crossover network technology is used between the tweeter and the woofer, so that the high and low sounds are seamlessly connected, and the optimal phase response is obtained.

The cabinet of the PH series speakers is designed with 15 M8 hoisting points, which can be hoisted and combined at any place, making it easy to install and use. With its excellent design and powerful performance, the PH series point sources music empty cabined speakers are sure to become a popular choice among musicians and sound engineers.

DUS Audio