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Tensuper Audio Launches New Outdoor Waterproof Line Array Speaker - Al-08


Guangzhou TenSuper Audio & Video Technology Co., Ltd has recently launched the Al-08 line array speaker, a new addition to its lineup of high-quality audio equipment. The Al-08 is designed to provide exceptional sound quality in outdoor settings, making it perfect for use at concerts, festivals, and other events.

The Al-08 line array speaker features a small to medium-sized high-frequency unit that is suitable for use with two Al-08 low-frequency units. It also has an optimized unit combination mode and a high-frequency waveguide horn that provides uniform 120-degree constant directional control in the horizontal direction. This ensures that the speaker delivers high-quality sound that can be heard clearly by everyone in the audience.

The Al-08 loudspeaker is equipped with quick installation and hanging accessories, making it easy to combine and install the array with just a single operator. This allows for flexible collocation, allowing the speaker to be combined to form a long-distance projection line array or used as a point source for sound reinforcement.

One of the key features of the Al-08 line array speaker is its waterproof design, which makes it suitable for use in a variety of outdoor environments. This ensures that the speaker remains durable and reliable even in harsh weather conditions, making it perfect for outdoor events and installations.

The Al-08 line array speaker is the latest addition to Tensuper Audio's lineup of high-quality audio equipment. With its exceptional sound quality, flexible collocation options, and waterproof design, the Al-08 is sure to be a popular choice for customers looking for reliable and high-quality audio equipment.

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