• Live Music Mini Complete Speaker System
  • Live Music Mini Complete Speaker System
  • Live Music Mini Complete Speaker System
  • Live Music Mini Complete Speaker System
  • Live Music Mini Complete Speaker System

Live Music Mini Complete Speaker System

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1、Superior audio quality: Enjoy high-quality sound with crystal-clear highs and deep, immersive bass. 2、Innovative technology: Benefit from advanced features and cutting-edge designs. 3、Reliable and durable: Trust in products built to last and withstand demanding environments.

Fl-k3 is a three frequency line array loudspeaker. Fl-k3 is equipped with two high-power 12 inch neodymium magnetic low-frequency units, which undertake the frequency range below 800Hz. The intermediate frequency part consists of a high-efficiency 4-inch flat film magnetic tile pure midrange unit and two 2-inch high-frequency magnetic tile compression drivers to form a waveguide module from 600Hz to 20kHz, It can provide 100 degrees in horizontal direction and 7 degrees in vertical direction. The structure of three frequency division makes the important frequency band from 600Hz to 4kHz provided by a single unit, and there is no transition frequency division, The carefully considered frequency division point setting, combined with the geometric spacing and working capacity of each unit, ensures that the fl-k3 will not have sidelobes in the horizontal direction within 100 degrees. Meanwhile, due to the addition of the midrange unit, the high-frequency driver has higher operating frequency and lower distortion

The fl-k3 speaker has a maximum output sound pressure level of 137 dB SPL, which can provide sufficient energy for the audience area within 100 meters, and meet the needs of large-scale mobile performances such as live rock music performances, EDM DJ music parties, variety shows, and large-scale enterprise gatherings. Because fl-k3 is relatively compact, it is used for indoor live houses and large dance clubs, The main sound reinforcement system of auditorium and other facilities can also obtain excellent sound effect。

CONFIGURATIONHigh performance 3-way  
passive line array loudspeaker 
FREQUENCY RANGE(-10DB)55-1.5kHz(LF)/500Hz-6kHz(M)/1.5kHZ-22kHz(HF)
FREQUENCY RESPONSE (±3DB)75-1kHz(LF)/600Hz-5kHz(M)/2kHZ-22kHz(HF)
RATED POWER450W+450W(LF)/150W(MF)/120W(HF)
MAXIMUM POWER1800W+1800W(LF)/600W(MF)/480W(HF)
HF:2x2" compression driver
CROSSOVER FREQUENCY700Hz/3.5kHz/24dB/octave
CONNECTIONS2xNLT4 F/M  ±1(LF) /±2(LF)/ ±3(MF)/ ±4(HF)
RIGGINGThree point rigging hardware

DIMENSIONS(HXWXD)1110 x 520 x381(mm)
WEIGHTN.W: 61kg    R.W: 66kg


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